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Creative Edge Marketing Solutions is a digital marketing service founded by Lindsey Black, an award-winning professional wedding photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. After propelling her website to the first page of Google in a highly competitive market, Lindsey discovered that she was a rare species...a Type A Creative. She realized she loved winning the marketing game even more than photography. She saw a need among her fellow creatives and decided she was going to design a solution. Creative Edge was born. 

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Creative Edge Marketing Solutions is composed of a team of highly skilled Type A Creatives. Our number 1 goal is to use data, tech, analytics, and proven online strategies to translate your creative genius into a positive ROI using a holistic, market-driven approach. 

We work with you to craft a targeted online strategy that both brings your audience to you and organically converts them into happy, paying customers.  Whether it be ranking on the first page of Google or building a highly engaged Facebook community, we're the #1 experts in helping creatives like you use digital marketing services to grow your business to the next level.


Lindsey Black is the owner and Chief Type A Creative of Creative Edge Marketing Solutions. A born entrepreneur, Lindsey has owned three successful companies and is passionate about seeing her client's businesses grow. Her somewhat irreverent and fun, yet highly successful approach to social media for businesses has made her a popular speaker and corporate trainer. Lindsey and her team specialize in social media and content marketing, SEO, Adwords and PPC, and creating total integrated marketing strategies for small to medium-sized businesses.

She is the wife to a handsome nerd and has three little creatures in the house who call her Mommy as well as a giant fur baby named Charly. She has a small (large) travel addiction and can often be found roaming the world with her laptop in tow and a cup of coffee in her hand..


Melanie's background begins in the education arena where she fell in love with creative writing. She finds helping small businesses and individuals create an online strategy to brand their companies and image to be exciting and gratifying. When she's not creating and sharing content in the social-media-marketing world, Melanie can be found wrangling three daughters, a hubby and a tiny peke named Lexi. She enjoys spending time outside, sun=fun!


Aimee is a digital marketer, content writer and social media junkie. In addition, Aimee is a freelance writer for several local publications around the Salt Lake valley and Park City. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, golf, and spending time with her family. West Yellowstone, Montana is where she heads for respite whenever she gets the chance. Aimee has an incredibly handy husband, three beautiful children, whom each have their own dog and therefore rounding out her happy, albeit sometimes chaotic, home (in a constant state of remodel).



Amber fell into content writing eight years ago, and she’s never looked back. She loves the research it requires because she tends to learn a thing or two. It also lets her tap into her creativity. Amber is married and she has two kids. She hit the jackpot with a daughter and a son. She is a passionate yogi, one who is crazy enough to practice more than once a day (yes really).




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